This site is a labor of love (of good beer) by two long-time San Francisco residents, Gail Ann Williams and Steve Shapiro. We went live with the site in March, 2007, after extensive field research. The Beer By BART destination list is not a bar guide and it’s not a rating site. There are many other sites that do that well. The Beer By BART is aimed at getting appreciators of good beer to explore venues in the San Francisco Bay Area that feature great beer, safely. Period.

The premise: A list of good beer venues grouped by the nearest Bay Area Rapid Transit station forms the home page. An alphabetical list of venues down the right column of all pages gives an alternate way to find transit info to a specific destination. We make a page for each venue that includes tested walking directions along with a map and details about the destination.

Steve Shapiro and Gail Ann Williams

We started with a list of local pubs that brew their own beer. We  added a select assortment of bars and restaurants that do not brew, but feature a reasonable number of top local and regional craft beers, and in a few cases, unique imported beers.

Furthermore, we care whether the serving staff knows about the beer they pour and are willing to talk to patrons about them. We particularly like the pubs who will pour you a taste of beers you’re not familiar with so you can learn about new beers or encourage a companion to expand her or his beer drinking universe. Finally we appreciate pubs who will pour smaller than a pint glasses for a nearly-proportional fraction of the price of a pint.  Not all of these listed venues do all or most of the above, but we hope they all will eventually.

Of course, we encourage travel by public transportation. Why not let train operators be your designated drivers, since they’re going your way anyhow? The pubs featured on our site are usually within about a one mile walk – “four shoes” – from some major form of transit. (Yes, that’s “about” a mile — we had to add in a couple of five-shoe walks we just couldn’t stand to leave off.) Most of them are quite a bit closer than a mile from a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station. We also suggest some that are easily reachable by connecting from BART to local bus systems, regional commute train or ferry. The ferry rides in particular can make for a wonderful afternoon of beer exploration.

Because we like to travel beyond the BART footprint, we also include beer travel posts and articles now and then in the blog section. You’ll also see a few announcements of beer events and some special projects.

So explore, enjoy and please keep in touch. You can reach us by posting a comment on the site, or by email at: beerbybart – at – yahoo – dot – com (We trust that you will format that as a normal email address and we hope that automated spammers with their bots won’t).


Gail and Steve

P.S. We also write for the Celebrator Beer News. Find our articles at and you ay be able to view them directly from the print shop’s magazine-viewing software at

23 thoughts on “About BeerByBART

  1. I think your website is awesome. My wife’s birthday party is tomorrow (1-12-08) and we are going to go pub crawling by bart. We have a group of about 20 people and we are going to go from Berkeley to SF and back. Thought you might be interested!


  2. Hi Gail and Steve,
    the other Dave, Eric, and I really appreciated you two showing us around to the Monk’s Kettle and City Beer on Saturday after the Longshot judging. Make sure to give us a yell if you’re ever in San Luis Obispo. You may be able to get down there by train now as I’ve heard the Starlight Express/Surfliner/Whatever-Amtrak-is-Called goes up to San Jose. Thanks again,


  3. Dear Gail and Steve,
    As beer aficionados, you may be interested in our free Airport Beer Guide, a great way to find great beer in many major U.S. airports. I’ve found it can help make a flight much easier. You can find it at Please feel free to link to it or use it on your site; I’m sure your audience will enjoy it.
    I recently discovered your site, and think it’s a great resource; I’ll definitely use it when I visit San Francisco this summer, and wish there was a similar site in Boston.

  4. Hi Gail and Steve,

    What a great site! Thanks for creating a resource for beer drinkers to transport themselves responsibly. I thought you may be interested in a special event that is occurring this Thursday (April 16)… it’s a one day showing of a craft beer documentary called Beer Wars. It’s a look at the struggles of the craft brewer in a marketplace dominated by the giant beer corporations. I thought it would really appeal to you as well as your readers.

    The movie is being shown in many theaters around the bay area and accessible by BART. You can check out the film online at and see theater locations here,

    Thanks for your time!! Please help spread the word.

    Sheila DeStefano

    1. Hi Sheila! We are juggling our schedules to be able to be there at the SF screening. I am doing a little blog post in the ‘field notes’ portion of our site about what good beer place is near what theater. I think Hayward wins, near to the Bistro for top-flight before or after drinking, but SF will be easy for me after work…

  5. Hi Gail! Sounds great. I will be at the SF showing as well… planning to meet up at Thirsty Bear beforehand. They are offering a free pint to those with a ticket stub. Perhaps you’d like to join us?

  6. Steve & Gail,
    We bumped into you at the bar at Pi last weekend. Thanks for reminding us of your great website. Keep up the good and important work!
    Craig & Paula

  7. Hey Steve and Gail, just found your website and LOVE the idea and effort you put in. I will be in San Francisco April 29,30 to Start my Hike from the Golden Gate Bridge, following the American Discovery Trail to be in Delaware the end of December. The hike initiated by the one beer bet (hence the website following my journey). As I’m not from S.F I hope to network to meet some cool people I can have a beer with while i’m there. Any meetups happening about that date?

    1. Look forward to seeing you out here, Woody. We will do our best to help get your great adventure off to a hopping good start.

  8. Hey Steve, it was great meeting you in Berkeley at the Home Brewers Network event. Thanks for showing me around and introducing me to some good beer and talented brewers. Can you give me more info about the Grand Cru biking events? If you’re going to the SF Beer Week opening event I’ll see you there!

    Keep up the great work with this brilliant site!


  9. Hi Steve and Gail. There is another bar near the 19th Street BART Station in Oakland called SomaR Bar ( They are right across the street at 1727 Telegraph Avenue. They have a a good beer selection and lay back atmosphere to enjoy your beer. Thanks.

  10. You forgot Dave’s (3rd st just south of market (Montgomery Street) a neighborhood bar without the neighborhood; Sutter Station @montgomery street. Hotel Utah and Mars Bar probably deserve mention too.

  11. Hey guys! Out in Dublin there is a new craft beer spot called Caps and Taps. Acessable by both Dublin/Pleasanton Bart stations(about a mile from both) and with a bus drop off right out front as well this would make a great addition to the page! Thanks and cheers!

  12. Can’t believe I’m just now seeing your site. Good job Steve and Gail. A most practical and useful place for Bay Area beer lovers. Nice and clean, too. Especially helpful for those accessing it from phones or tablets.

    I suggest a change to the directions for La Trappe. Best way I know (which is echoed by Google Maps) is Powell Street station, Powell-Mason cable car to Greenwich & Mason, and you’re on the doorstep.

    I would also like to echo Jeff’s suggestion about Caps ‘n’ Taps.


  13. You have Suppenkuche in Hayes Valley, but not it’s party-center sister a couple blocks away, the BierGarten on Octavia, an authentic outdoor beer garden, big stein brews on benches … my favorite place to meet up.

  14. Hi Steve, Gail,
    We would like to invite you guys to Bloodline Brewing Co. VIP/Media brewery launch Tuesday, August 26th in Santa Rosa, CA. Is there an email I can reach one or both of you at? Thank you.

    Drink Up!

    1. Erlina, Congratulations on the brewery launch. I’m not sure if we can make it on the 26th, but we’ll try. You can reach us at beerbybart @

      Cheers, Steve

  15. hi, appreciate your list, how it is organized, and the critique. have turned it into a bucket list:) am sharing this new location (at least to me) for your committee’s consideration to add. it is less than a mile from downtown Berkeley bart..Daily Pint 828 Euclid Ave. in Berkeley

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