Keeping up with the Bay Area beer scene

First, what’s worth arranging your calendar around? February has long been Strong Beer month in the Bay Area, known for festivals, parties and special brews. Now the long second week of this short month has been lengthened into San Francisco Beer Week at SFBEERWEEK.ORG. Look for this collection of hundreds of interesting beer events annually.

The Celebrator, the essential western beer publication, is good for learning about beer activities within range of BART trips, plus broader travel, too. Many of the establishments listed on this website distribute it free. [NOTE: Since we wrote this we have started doing the SF column for The Celebrator. Big fun, on paper.]

The “What’s on tap?” blog by the late William Brand was a classic source of don’t-miss beer event information. Jay Brooks stepped in to carry that tradition forward. His work can now be found here at Eat-Drink-Play. The San Francisco Chronicle covers beer now and then in its wine section. Encouragement might help… comment and give helpful feedback to them so they’ll keep it up. Here’s a sample article about what specific artisan cheeses go with what specific craft beers.

Many of the listed beer destinations on our site have an events section on their websites, and some have email lists you can subscribe to. Most are using Twitter, Facebook and other tools too.

Where else do YOU check?

2 Comments on “Keeping up with the Bay Area beer scene”

  1. Paul Jasper Says:

    You need to check out the San Francisco Brew Pub Club, of course! Our web site ( lists all the brew pubs and good beer bars in San Francisco (and within easy reach). Plus see our calendar for beer festivals and other events.

    Love the Beer By BART site – great concept! Must try doing a crawl by BART sometime and see how many stops we can do in one session!


  2. Tom Montgomery Says:

    You should add Bobby G’s Pizzeria (lots of bottles, only i think 9 taps but Pliny the Elder always on tap)
    and Meridian both on University Ave in Berkeley.

    Meridian is just down University a little bit, both easy walking distance from Downtown Berkeley BART. they’ve got 20+ taps.

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