21st Amendment (Montgomery)

21st Amendment is a brewpub in downtown San Francisco, located 2 blocks from the San Francisco 21A imageGiants ballpark. They serve their own beer along with an occasional guest beer or two. There’s a fine rotating selection of brews which almost always includes an IPA, a pale ale, a stout and a watermelon wheat. Their food ranges from bar snacks to full dinners. They keep sports as a secondary theme, with 3 TV sets.

Extras: On Giants game days, they open a small outdoor area next to the pub. You can also sometimes get six-packs of their IPA, Monk’s Blood, Bitter American and Watermelon Wheat on the premises in cans, though you will generally see better prices in stores such as BevMo. Each February 21A brews special strong beers, and serves them all month long. A few blocks away at the Giants ballpark is the Public House and their extensive beer list.


563 2nd St. (between Bryant and Brannan) San Francisco (415) 369-0900

less than three quarters of a mile Walking from BART: Exit  BART through the exit labeled B2 onto the south side of Market Street and go to 2nd Street. Turn left on 2nd and walk 5 1/2 long blocks to 21st Amendment on the left. (Note: you can also walk from Embarcadero BART along the waterfront to the ballpark, and then go right on 2nd. It’s longer, but a great walk with sweeping waterfront views.)

Official Montgomery Station and local bus info.

from BART to 21A

4 Comments on “21st Amendment (Montgomery)”

  1. 21st Amendment is going beyond their traditional strong ale collaboration with Magnolia. (In fact, each of these fine brew pubs also has several events lined up for SF BEER WEEK.) These events are insane, yet another Sean Paxton collaboration and meal, for example. Oh yeah, and Sam from Dogfish Head. And more. Check out http://www.21st-amendment.com/ and on the main http://sfbeerweek.org site.

  2. jazme Says:

    The beer is great there, as are the burgers. Great service. Relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Nice renovated warehouse style interior.

    Watch a video of The 21st Amendment Brewery http://www.jippidy.com/21st-Amendment/21stAmendment

  3. […] This month is perhaps the best time of the year in our local beer community. For years Magnolia and 21st Amendment, two of SF’s brewpubs, have proclaimed February as Strong Beer Month, offering tasty line-ups […]

  4. […] 21st Amendment Brewery hosts the Brewers Sunday Tea, an annual tradition. If sausages and fine 21A and Magnolia beers sound like about the best brunch in the world, this is your event. 
10:30 am – 2:30 am, and you can hang outdoors, depending on your jacket. It’s sunny out! […]

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