Barclay's 2Barclay’s Restaurant and Pub rotates 30 well selected beers on tap all the time, with no corporate fizzy nonsense, and they keep their website updated with the current beers available. They serve a popular selection of burgers, salads, snacks and dinners. You can talk or follow college and other sports on TV, while some patrons play darts and others get away from all that by sitting in the little patio out front, just below sidewalk level.

Barclay’s has interesting special events such as Christmas in July/August, when cellared holiday kegs come out to great applause. When you arrive always check out the old hand-pull, since they sometimes have something special on cask.

Extras: A bonus is that you can easily walk to Ben and Nick’s on the other side of the Rockridge Station, for fewer but usually different excellent beers, making this a genuine craft beer barhopping BART stop.

5940 College Avenue, Oakland 510.654.1650

about a quarter mileWalking from BART: go three blocks north (toward distant hills) on College Avenue to find Barclays with a little patio entrance just below street level at the corner of Harwood Avenue.

Official Rockridge Station Info

from BART to Barclay’s.

One thought on “Barclay’s Pub (Rockridge)

  1. Barclay’s has excellent fish n chips. It’s the real deal. The finest I’ve had in Berkeley. Be sure to get the garlic fries option up and plenty of IPA’s and fine microbrews to wash it down. Waitresses here have historically been pleasant eye candy historically and location cannot be better. Outdoor front patio is off-street (under really) and is bike/dog friendly. Because of it’s location proximity to freeway, BART and Cal Berkeley, great meet spot for friends and a conclusion to a “wheels of steel” bike ride with the homies. This is the genuine deal here.

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