The Lafayette branch of the Mountain Mike’s pizza chain is unique.  Here, near this suburban BART stop, they have made a commitment to serve local beers along with a family-pleasing pizza menu. Kids are more than welcome. Most of the eleven handles are are dedicated to craft beer, usually from East Bay breweries, including beers from small breweries that are not widely distributed.

Extras: The web site menu is not always up to date. Their beer list has been improving since their menu was put up.  Now you’d be unlikely to see more than one “macro” beer on tap.

3614 Mount Diablo Boulevard
Lafayette • 925-283-6363

about a quarter mileExit the BART station towards the City Center exit, and walk down the stairway, turning left into the turn-around cul-de-sac, then follow a short flight of steps down through a gate into a path. You can take a short cut not shown on the map, through the parking lot. Cut diagonally right, down across the lot toward the traffic light you see in the distance.  Turn right at the light onto Mount Diablo Boulevard, then immediately right into the bank driveway along to Mount Mike’s Pizza.

Official Lafayette Station info.

of Mountain Mike’s from Lafayette BART.

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