Cheers to a Future Night Out: Buy Gift Cards and Merch to Support These Beer Bars, Bottle Shops and Beer-Forward Restaurants

Yesterday we started a list of local breweries – including brewpubs – that offer gift cards for a future toast when the viral wave passes by.  (If we all hunker down intently now, hopefully that will be soon.)

Today we continue with mostly small independent beer bars, bottle shops and beer-oriented restaurants.  These guys don’t have beer sitting in the fermenters, but they are fragile businesses, too.  Some told us other useful info when we asked about gift cards, so we are passing that along. We’re adding more to this list each day.

A few have simply closed the doors. At one of the great Bay Area beer institutions, The Bistro, in Hayward, co-owner Vic Kralj told us, “[We] just sanitized and shut the doors. Gave all our perishable food products to employees along with a nice allotment of beer.”  

Our hearts go out to all the people of the Bistro, including the live bands that are used to getting gigs there. And it’s just one such business in our region.

We’re also seeing people do pick-up and delivery on the fly. Some of the info is captured but that is changing quickly, so check with the brewery. Here’s to the future!

San Francisco Beer Bars and Eateries

Alamo Draft House:

The Beer Hall:

City Beer Store: And order food and packaged beers for pickup.

City Beer Store’s bar will be closed for now but food and beer sales will continue on a curbside pick-up basis.


Liquid Gold: 

Lucky 13: Bar closed; support the staff at 

Old Devil Moon: Growler fills, cocktails to go; 

Pi Bar: Gift cards by phone, (415) 970-9670, when open Weds-Sun 4-8pm. Doing pizza, salad & bottles for pick-up.

Rosamunde on Mission:

The Monk’s Kettle: Now doing takeout through one of their front windows. Food and beer discounted. Soon you can dig into their bottle cellar.

East Bay

Albany Tap Room: No gift cards yet, open for takeout and delivery, see

Beer Revolution: GoFundMe campaign for servers

Bobby G’s: Pizza take-out and delivery, produce boxes coming soon.

Brotzeit Lokal:

Cato’s: No gift cards. Food take-out 510-655-3349. “Working hard to remain open, keeping some of our staff employed and food available for the community.” 

The Cooler: No gift cards yet. Open for off-sales as a store. See

Degrees Plato: Order food to pick up.   

Drake’s Dealership:


Melissa Myers at the Good Hop offers gift cards for future fun

Good Hop, The:


The Rake (at Admiral Malting):

Rosamunde Sausages Oakland:

Rotator Taproom:

Tiger’s Taproom:

The Trappist:

Tell us what we missed. Subscribe to stay tuned as we add more information to these lists. Brewpubs and brewery taprooms are listed at yesterday’s post.  And if you don’t want to go out, or are not nearby, remember that many of these businesses in our beer community have merch as well as gift cards. Stay home for now, stay safe – but represent! 



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