Black Diamond Brewery makes large quantities of a variety of beers, including a growing number that go through their barrel-aging program. They are distributed throughout the Bay Area. The onsite tap room has limited hours.  You can buy bottles to take away. Brewery tours may be available by reservation.

As always, call ahead to assure they will be open when you wish to visit.

2470 Bates Ave., Concord, CA 94520  • (925) 356.0120

 about a quarter milefar enough to take the bus about a quarter mile (This trip is slightly beyond the one mile limit we chose for our recommended walks, so unless you prefer the exercise, go ahead and take the Community Connect #28 bus for part of the trip, or call a cab.) Exit BART and go to Port Chicago Highway. Turn right onto Panaramic Drive. Here you can take the #28 bus “Martinez/AMTRAK” (Discounted with a BART transfer from machine inside station),  about a mile to Commercial Circle and Bates Avenue. (If you don’t take the bus, just continue walking up Chicago Highway, past the interchange with Highway 4, to Bates Avenue.) Turn left and walk to the industrial park on your left and you will see the entrance to the tasting room.

Official North Concord Station and connecting transit info.

from BART to Black Diamond.


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