Drake’s Brewery (San Leandro Plus AC Transit or LINK Shuttle)

Drake’s Brewery, formerly a production-only brewery, opened their Barrel House in July, 2011.  They feature 24 taps and an outside area for seating.  On occasion, a food truck will set up shop outside.  You can also buy bottles and cases of their beers to take away. They are open Wednesday-Sunday. They close the taproom the 1st Friday of each month for their traditional fundraiser for a local non-profit. Check their website for current hours.


1933 Davis Street #177, San Leandro • (510) 562-0866

Map to Drake’s from San Leandro Station

less than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mile Drake’s is located in the  Westgate Shopping Center. It’s over a mile walk and not a particularly aesthetic or safe one with a precarious intersection at Highway 880. You you may want to hop a bus, take a cab or the Shopping shuttle from BART.  As of Sept. 2011, there is a free Shuttle that runs every 20 min during peak hours on weekdays between the BART station and the Westgate Shopping Center called the “LINKS” Shuttle. Monday- Friday 5:45am- 9:45am and 3pm-8pm. Here is the website for LINKS. To find the Links shuttle, exit the station thru the east door (San Leandro Ave. side), Look for the white shuttle bus with green lettering along the near curb. Get off at the 1st stop after the Freeway, Warden Ave.  Cross directly towards Office Depot. Walk around the left of O.D. and follow the line of chain stores until you hit Walmart. Turn right and you’ll see Drake’s. The AC Transit bus #89 also runs approximately every 30 minutes from the BART station. It’s a 5 minute ride. Get off at Timothy Dr. and Home Depot, walk back seeking the tell-tale grain silo.

Official BART San Leandro Station and connecting transit info.

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