Linden Street Brewery, opened in mid-2009, is housed in a 19th century brick building in the industrial Port of Oakland. They are a production brewery “that honors beer styles native to the West Coast” (from their website). The classic style, formally called “California common” lager, and historically known simply as “steam beer” was the starting point for assorted varieties. LSB beer is available only on draft at many fine restaurants and pubs in the Bay Area. You can also order kegs to enjoy at a location of your own choice.

At times there are community activities where beer is served in the parking lot. Such events are limited so check their website. If you want to visit at some other time, make an appointment.

Extras:   A notable beer-savvy restaurant called The Dock and a well-curated beer bar have been opened up next door, by the founder of LSB. See the listing for the Beer Shed at Linden Street. It’s not a long walk down 3rd St. to Beer Revolution for even more taps.

95 Linden Street, Oakland • (510) 812-1264

about a quarter mileabout a quarter mileabout a quarter mileThe map shows the route from the exit on 7th Street. We suggest walking this by daylight only. You may shave off a little distance by cutting though the parking lot on the 5th Street side of the station instead.  Continue down Mandela Parkway, which curves and changes to 3rd Street. Enjoy the railroad yard scenery, and continue until you get to Linden Street. Turn right and then right again into the parking lot at 95 Linden.

Official West Oakland Station and other connecting transit info.

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