Amsterdam Cafe is a modest-sized pub with a 10 seat bar and and 17 small tables. It has developed into a solid beer venue, featuring 25 taps without a macro in sight. Their 200+ bottle list includes beers from all over the world. The selection is diverse, including some gems.  They will pour tastes and the servers generally seem knowledgeable about the beers they serve. Unfortunately they do not serve half pints. They offer coffee brewed by the cup, brunch, lunch and some simple pub food dinner dishes, and they do pour wine. The beer list on their website generally does not seem to be up to date. Cash only.  There is one television for your mass culture needs.

Extras: The Tenderloin is a fascinating and sometimes daunting neighborhood. We generally don’t suggest travelers or locals who don’t know this area walk in the ‘Loin after dark. But Geary Street is a major thoroughfare and the best route if you want to walk. If you are comfortable in gritty urban areas you can find delicious, inexpensive meals in the “Little Saigon” section downhill from this bar. You can grab a beer before or after catching a show at the Great America Hall, about a block away.

937 Geary Street (between Larkin St & Polk St)
San Francisco • 415-409-1111

 far enough to take the bus  Take the Exit labeled A1 from the BART station into  the plaza. Climb stairs to the right and walk to the Cable Car turnaround at Powell Street. Follow up Powell Street two blocks to Geary Street. Either turn left to walk along Geary, or cross Geary to wait at the curb for the 38 Geary bus. Get off at Larkin Street, and continue half a block along Geary to the cafe.

Official Powell Station info.

from BART to the Amsterdam Cafe.

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