A little bit of Belgium has come to the Mission/Bernal Heights neighborhood. Bel is a cafe that is styled to feel like you might be eating a meal in Brussels. Under the watchful eyes of a replica of the famous Manneken Pis statue, you can order from a  menu that often features such Belgian specialties as moules-frites, beer and cheese soup, shrimp croquettes, seafood waterzooi and foie gras terrine.

While it is a restaurant, a stop-in for beer only is welcomed. The bar seats about 12 people and there are several ledges to stand next to while sipping. there are two long communal tables as well as seven two or four seat tables.

There is no TV here.


The beer list includes Belgian and Belgian-style beers as well as some local favorites. There eight taps and multiple bottles to choose from.

Extras: Bel is easy walking distance from Pi Bar,  Rosamunde and Old Bus Tavern for a nice craft beery tour of the southern Mission District.


3215 Mission St.
San Francisco • 415.206.1000

less than a quarter mileless than a quarter mile Exit the station. Head south on Mission Street (toward 25th Street and a visible nearby hill in the distance). Cross Cesar Chavez and continue three more blocks. Bel will be on your left just after you cross Fair St.

Official 24th  Street BART Station and local bus info.