Diving Dog Brewhouse (19th St Oakland)

Diving Dog Brewhouse is a taproom plus a brew-on-premise facility.  Most of the activity seems to be centered on enjoying a nice selection of craft beer around a large horseshoe bar, but as you enter you will notice compact brewing vessels that can be rented out to individuals or (more often) to parties who want to make a batch of beer together without investing in home brewing equipment. divingdog

In addition, Diving Dog is now licensed as a commercial brewery and making its own beers off-site at nearby breweries. You can try them at the bar.

Extras: You are one block from Woods Brewery.  That’s just too easy to not brew-hop. You’re also near the lovely old movie palaces and contemporary concert venues of the Paramount and the Fox Theaters.  Lake Merritt and its parks are only a few blocks east.

1802 Telegraph Avenue 
Oakland • (510) 457-1148


less than a quarter mileExit BART up through the exit labeled Telegraph and proceed straight through the alley from Broadway onto Telegraph Avenue.  Turn right on Telegraph and continue to Diving dog.  (You could also go up Broadway and turn left on 19th Street then continuing around the block to avoid the pedestrian-only alley, or if it is closed.)

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