Hog’s Apothecary (MacArthur)

“Locavore Meets Locapour” is the proud slogan of Hog’s Apothecary. This is a small restaurant featuring, as you may guess, a menu specializing in porcine creations.  There are also sides, salads and usually at least one main dish available for those who would like meat alternatives. For beer lovers, this spot will not disappoint.Hog's

To fill its 33 taps, Hog’s Apothecary first seeks top quality “brewery-to-tap” beers available from carefully chosen small breweries. Usually the offerings are rounded out with selections from San Diego to Portland, with perhaps a few outliers from Seattle or Colorado. You will likely find beers from small Bay Area brewers that don’t make it far from the shores of the Bay. As of November 2014, Hog’s is open nightly, with weekend brunch served from 10 AM to 2:30 PM Saturday and Sunday.


375 40th Street, Oakland • 510.338.3847

Walk out of BART and go left to 40th Street.  Turn right on 40th and continue past the BART parking lot. In about five blocks you will reach the corner of Opal. You’ll see Hog’s Apothecary on your right.

Note that MacArthur BART – a BART station which has seen late night crime – can be intimidating after dark. This route is not the most scenic walk in Oakland, and it can be rather desolate. If you are not confident of your street smarts, you might decide to walk over by daylight, for example, and then take a cab back to BART later on, rather than walking at night alone. Or go with some friends.

Official MacArthur Station and connecting transit info.

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