La Trappe (Montgomery)

Hidden in the cellar of this rather unremarkable looking storefront restaurant is a remarkable Belgian-style pub.  You enter at street-level and head for the staircase near the kitchen. Descend the spiral stairs to the cosy bistro.  La Trappe offers a warm and convivial atmosphere, featuring a dining area, lounge and bar.  La Trappe and cable carThey offer 19 taps and a 50-page bottled beer list that provides tasting notes on many of the 200+ beers.  The beer list is heavily weighted towards Belgian beers, but there are plenty from around the world including a few from our little piece of it. You can order a full dinner, small plates, frites or just beers.

Owner Mike Azzalini can often be found working the bar. He and the other servers at La Trappe are friendly and knowledgeable about the beers they pour. They will offer tastes to help you choose a great beer. This part of town, North Beach, is a classic nightlife destination and a lot of fun to stroll through.
800 Greenwich St,  San Francisco • 415.440.8727

Map to La Trappe

A mile plus a little moreThis is just slightly beyond our one-mile-walking-from-BART limit, but we think you may enjoy this walk. Exit BART through the exit labeled A1 onto the north side of Market St. Turn right out of the exit and then left on Montgomery Street. Walk about 7 blocks to the TransAmerica Pyramid building, then soft left up Columbus for about 9 blocks to the corner of Greenwich and Columbus. Note that the Cable Car tracks turn onto Columbus Avenue by La Trappe at the intersection with Greenwich.

You can also take a cable car from Embarcadero Station, changing cable cars up at Powell and California, and continuing on the Hyde Street line, or instead depart BART from Powell Station and go directly over on the Hyde cable car line.

Official Montgomery Station Info

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