Lanesplitter (MacArthur)

Lanesplitter has two locations which serve good beer. The other one is in North Berkeley. This one is a simple, pleasant motorcycle-themed pizza place in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, an up and coming restaurant area. They make popular pizzas and offer 10 craft beer taps.  Typical draft offerings may include something from the elusive Moonlight Brewing Company or Russia River.

Extras: Temescal Brewing is a great stop on this route. Keep your urban smarts about your while walking in the MacArthur BART area late at night.

4799 Telegraph Ave, Oakland (510) 653-5350

less than half a mileWalk out of the BART on 40th st. to Telegraph, left on Telegraph for about half a mile to the corner of 48th. You could also grab any bus headed up Telegraph, however you are likely to see cabs before you see a bus. Note that the area can be rather desolate after dark. You might choose to walk it by daylight, and then take a cab or a bus back to BART later.

Official MacArthur station and more connecting transit Info

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