Lanesplitter (North Berkeley)

Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub has two locations for their tasty pizzas and modest but delicious selection of top-tier craft beers on tap, one in Oakland’s Temescal district and the original, here in Berkeley. They also feature at least one cask ale on hand pull and a nice selection of bottled beers. This is a motorcycle and family friendly spot with a back patio area, little cafe tables indoors, a modest TV behind the bar for sports updates and excellent regional beers.

Extras:  They are only 3 blocks from one of the best retail beer stores in the Bay Area, Ledger’s Liquors, 1399 University Avenue at Acton (on the walking route back to BART).

2033 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley (510) 845-1652

less than a quarter mileless than half a mileWalking from BART: Exit and turn right, heading away from the hills, cutting across towards the southwest corner of the parking lot at Acton and Delaware Streets. Take Acton south for three short blocks. Turn right at University Avenue, and continue three long blocks west. (Or you could take a bus for these three blocks on University if you wanted to wait at the bus stop). Turn left onto San Pablo Avenue for about half a block.

Official North Berkeley Station and connecting transit Info

of walking from BART to Lanesplitter.

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  1. Lanesplitter’s is fun. the Albatross is a great nearby bar. Tends to be a little quieter, lots of beer and lots of other things. And free popcorn. Folks often bring their board games, play darts, or part int he back. On San Pablo between Hearst and Delaware. Turn right out of the station, walk right (west, away from the hills) on Delaware. Turn right when you hit San Pablo. The Albatross is right there.

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