Moxy Beer Garden (Ashby)

Moxy Beer Garden is a pretty straight forward burger and craft beer joint, providing salads and a notable variety of vegetarian options. The beer selection is mostly Northern California, usually including a nice range of beer styles.

The scene is local, with Berkeley neighbors eating and drinking in a relaxed environment. The open air portion of the seating is along the parking lot, leaving an urban ambiance.

foxy beer garden

Extras: The Rare Barrel sour beer tap room is not far from Moxy, though this is not the most walkable neighborhood after dark. In the evening opt for a cab or car to make that visit.

3136 Sacramento Street, Berkeley • (510) 547-6699


slightly over half a mile   Exit BART through the West Adeline exit, crossing the parking lot, and crossing Adeline Street.  Find Prince Street, and continue east to Sacramento, where you’ll turn left for a block. This is recommended as a daytime walk, and Moxy is pleasant on a sunny afternoon.

Official Ashby Station and connecting transit info.

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