Pacific Coast Brewing Company is a brewpub in downtown Oakland near the Oakland Convention Center. They have been making their own beers on the premises for many years, and also pour an excellent selection of guest beers. Burgers and pub fare are available for lunch or dinner. The building and the bar itself are interesting historic artifacts. They do have TVs, though usually sports does not dominate the scene. There’s a small outdoor patio for an urban beer garden experience.

Extras: Special events such as a Christmas beers tasting. Free Wi-Fi. Also, you can easily walk to Rosamunde Sausage Grill across the street for a more extensive tap list or to The Trappist for a Belgian beer as a nightcap after having a meal or seeing a game here.
906 Washington St. (at 9th St.)
Oakland • 510 836-2739

less than a quarter mileExit BART thru Exit A1. Walk down Broadway past the Marriott Hotel/Convention Center, turn right on 10th Street. (Take a diagonal shortcut through the parking lot towards the Free WiFi sign if you prefer.)  From 10th, turn left onto Washington and you’ll see Pacific Coast Brewing Company ahead on the left.

Official 12th St. BART Station and connecting transit Info.

of walk from BART to Pacific Coast Brewing Co.


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