Rare Barrel/Hello Friend (Ashby BART and Bus)

The Rare Barrel began as a sour beer maker in the flatlands of Berkeley. Initially they fermented, blended and barrel-aged beers that were brewed elsewhere for them. After creating several years of acclaimed beers, the company added the brewing facilities to make their beers completely under their own control, and to brew fresh hoppy beers, under the Hello Friend brand, as well. The emphasis is on flavor, especially bold fruit-forward beers to sip and savor.

The setting is roomy and pleasant, with indoor and outdoor seating.

You’ll find 12 taps behind a bar seating about ten people, plus the picnic tables and empty barrels on which to rest your beers and a bite from the kitchen. 

940 Parker St, Berkeley, CA 94710• 510.984.6585

Official Ashby Station and connecting transit info.

about a quarter mile far enough to take the bus about a quarter mile   This trip is beyond beyond the one mile we typically recommend for these walks, so unless you prefer 1.7 miles of exercise each way, take the AC Transit #49 bus for part of the route or hail a ride. (It’s not a bad walk during the daytime. Walking from the North Berkeley BART is also more than a mile but may be a better evening walking option.)

Exit BART through towards West Adeline St. Head diagonally to the right to cut across the parking lot. (On weekends there may be a flea market to wander through). Exit the lot onto the corner of Ashby and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Cross Ashby. This is where you can pick up the 49 AC Transit bus, heading away from the hills. (Exact fare or Clipper Card).

If you decide to walk it, go left on Ashby about 10 blocks to San Pablo Ave. Walk five blocks right to Parker St. Turn left 2 1/2 blocks and Rare Barrel will be on your left, set in back from the street..

Note: This high-ceiling old warehouse can be cold inside during the winter months.


  1. Whoa! Thanks for listing that explanation for what actually goes down at The Rare Barrel. I consider myself a pretty avid beer drinker and sour aficionado and I still didn’t know that blending was what actually happened at the location. This is one of my favorite spots to hang out at for its industrial vibe and super friendly staff and patrons. Cheers!


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