Rogue started in Oregon near the Rogue River as one of the major players in what was then called the microbrew revolution, and their labels are catchy symbols of rebellion. Little wonder that when they set up a pub with more than forty taps of their beer and a few from guests, (plus two yellow-fizzy mass-produced beers which they provide but often charmingly ridicule), they also sell their iconic shirts, glassware and bottles to go. This pub is their one act of hegemony in California. Besides beer, they have a full bar (including serving their own artisan gins and rums) plus a very average pub menu. If you have a fleece or warm jacket with you, you may like to eat in their outdoor back patio.

Extras: Enjoy the North Beach food and sights nearby, perfect for when you crave some walking and some touristy moments as part of your excursion. Coit Tower is nearby, and so is Chinatown.

673 Union St. @ Powell, San Francisco • 415-362-7880

A mile walkExit BART through the exit labeled A1 onto the north side of Market St. Turn right out of the exit and then left on Montgomery Street. Walk about 7 blocks to the TransAmerica Pyramid building, then soft left up Columbus about 6 blocks to Union Street. Turn left one block. Rogue is on the corner of Union and Powell. (You can also walk from Embarcadero Station, or from Powell through the Stockton Street tunnel, but this Montgomery route is a little shorter. This part of town is not steep and is fun to walk in.)

Official Montgomery Station and local bus info.


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