Ave Bar, The (Balboa Park)

The Ave Bar is most definitely a locals’ hangout. Located in the Ingleside District a few blocks from the main campus of City College, it offers a small but well curated tap list featuring local beers. It promotes itself as a sports bar and the for televisions capture much of the attention of the bar denizens. For many patrons, cocktails and bottled macrobrews are the order of the day.

While this is not necessarily a craft beer venue that beer tourists would seek out, it is certainly worth a visit if you are in the area. The servers know their beers and are very accommodating with small tastes if you are unfamiliar with the beers. They often do special beer events and are eager participants in SF Beer Week activities.

1607 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco • (415) 587-6645

Exit Balboa Park BART through the Ocean Ave. exit. Head right to Ocean Ave. Turn left on Ocean and walk over the pedestrian bridge and continue on Ocean to The Ave Bar.  Note that the walk from this BART station can be desolate at night. You might consider taking the KT Light rail 3 stops towards Sunnyvale or a cab for the 3/4 mile trip. Get off the K/T at Miramar. Cross Ocean Ave. Go right and continue to The Ave.

Official Balboa Park Station transit info

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