21st Amendment (San Leandro)

21A_sanleandro21st Amendment, founded as a San Francisco brewpub that still thrives near the SF ballpark, has opened a grand production brewery with a tasting room in San Leandro. There is a simple tasting room inside the brewery, built into a vast former Kellog’s cereal factory where Frosted Flakes and Pop Tarts were once produced. As you look around, you can see the operations and some unfinished space that will eventually become a large restaurant.  For now, check the Facebook page or call to find out about any food trucks scheduled to be there.

Extras:  Ask about getting a tour. The high-tech canning line is particularly cool.  It’s an easy walk from 21A to Drake’s Brewery and Barrel House, around the back of the nearby Westgate Mall.

2010 Williams St • San Leandro • (510) 595-2111


less than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mile or take the shuttle!

To be honest, we think walking down Williams Street is a reasonable daytime choice, but it is a long walk, about a mile and a half each way.  So we recommend using the  free Links shuttle north loop, which runs every 15 or 20 minutes during peak commute hours between the BART station, 21st Amendment Brewery and the Westgate Shopping Center.  Check the free Links shopping shuttle site. To find a white Links north loop shuttle bus, exit the station thru the east door (San Leandro Avenue side) and turn right, looking for the bus stop sign. Get off at the stop after Westgate Parkway at the brewery.

Official BART San Leandro Station and connecting transit info.