Alamo Drafthouse (Bear vs. Bull) (24th St SF)

Tired of being offered only 64 oz. sodas to sip with your movie? Wouldn’t a nice beer be the perfect complement to the latest film epic? The folks at the Alamo Drafthouse have got you covered. The growing national chain has discovered something we have known for many years: There is no reason that we can’t have good food and good beer while watching a movie.IMG_4104

You don’t have to go to a movie to enjoy the beer. There is a stand-alone bar inside the historic New Mission theatre building called Bear vs. Bull (though the name is seldom used in advertising). It’s a dark, carpeted bar bathed in red lighting. There is a 16 seat bar and nine tables. If you can get past the policy of not doing half pours (servings range from 9 oz to 20 oz) and that the glasses are refrigerated, you can enjoy beer from 22 taps. The list offers a diverse choice of mostly California beers.

It is a full bar with trendy cocktails and wine. There is food served inside the movies, but no food at the bar as of opening this business, though the website says food is coming “soon,” so we’ll see.

Extras: Alamo Drafthouse is easy walking distance from Shotwell’s and Amnesia for a nice craft beery tour of the Mission District. Further south, on the other side of the BART station you can take a short walk looping around Pi Bar, Rosamunde, Old Devil Moon and Old Bus Tavern.

2550 Mission St. (Between 21st and 22nd Sts.)
San Francisco • 415.549.5959

From 24th Street BART, use “Exit A; 24th St. and Mission NE” escalator/stairs and walk north on Mission St. (Toward 23rd St.). Walk past 22nd St. and you’ll see the New Mission Theatre. Enter the theatre, pass the ticket sales desk, and you’ll find the bar down the hall on the right.

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