Caps & Taps (Dublin/Pleasanton)

Caps & Taps is nice little taproom and bottle shop in the East Bay town of Dublin. It’s a rather small and plain looking room with a big craft beer profile. There is a small bar with six seats and a sizable standing bar separating it from five picnic-style tables. It features 13 taps and more than 50 bottles to choose from. Most of the bottles are kept cool and there are also a couple of shelves maintained at room temperature. You can buy bottles to drink there or take away for the same price.

capsandtapsThe tap list is well curated and ever changing. Many local beers are available. Imports and a wider array of domestics are available by bottle. The servers are knowledgeable. Flights of four beers can be selected. Tastes and half-pours are available.

There is no food other than bar snacks. You are welcome to order in food from any of the restaurants nearby. There are even menus on-hand for some of them.

6601 Dublin Blvd. Suite M, Dublin • 510 248-2139

 about a quarter mileabout a quarter mile about a quarter mileabout a quarter mile Exit the BART station and follow the sidewalk to the left. You will come to a small gate which is the Iron Horse Regional Trail. Walk on the multi-use trail until you reach Dublin Blvd. Go left to the corner of Scarlett Drive. Cross Dublin Blvd. and then cross Scarlett. Continue on Dublin Blvd. Walk past the gas station on the corner and into the parking lot of the commercial strip on the right. Walk to the first driveway on the right. Turn right and Caps & Taps will be on the left. (NOTE: the Iron Horse Trail officially closes at 10pm.  Taking Dublin Blvd. all the way back to DeMarcus and then turning right will work).

Extras: The Iron Horse Trail connects all the way to Concord which can make for a nice pub-by-bike day. The trail is flat, paved and separated from traffic save for cross streets. It is multi-use so bring your bike bell (it’s actually the law in Regional Parks) to alert pedestrians as you pass. There are BART stations close to the trail at various points.

Official Dublin Pleasanton Station and connecting transit info.

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