E. J. Phair (Concord)

E.J. Phair’s alehouse and restaurant is in Concord, about four blocks from the main Concord BART station. Until 2011, they brewed their beers here but have since moved their brewing operation to Pittsburg, CA. They have 17 taps divided between their own tasty beers and interesting guest beers. In recent years as they worked on their second location in Pittsburg, California, they shifted the balance to more guest taps, providing beers from around the region. Now more of their own brews are returning to their taps, while some guest beers continue to be poured. The outdoor seating area of the restaurant overlooks Todos Santos Square.

Extras: E.J. Phair has offered six-packs of their own beer to take away, in past years. These may be available again now. Concord may be pleasantly warm or even distinctly hot on summer days when San Francisco is cold and foggy. This is what SF dwellers are missing, come about the end of July. Todos Santos square can turn into a vibrant, bustling city park in the summer.


2151 Salvio Street, Concord • (925) 691-4253

less than half a mileWalking from BART: Exit the west side of the station and walk across the parking lot. Find the signs to Todos Santos Square which will direct you to Grant Street. Turn right onto Grant and walk four blocks to the grassy park on your left (Todos Santos Square). The pub is straight ahead, on the north corner of the square.

Official Concord Station Info

from BART to E.J.Phair


  1. William Brand turned me on to your little project (and he may have sent you mine, which is a bachelor party by BART).

    It would be great to have links to maps in addition to the written directions, like this:

    Could be helpful when they are a bit farther away, such as Drake’s, because it gives distance as well…


  2. Thanks! You’re right … There are map links on each page, in the name of the station at the top of the description. I think we need to at lest add “map” there, and I’ll start doing that now with this page. Those links are based on the BART site mapquest maps rather than via google directly. I see that google does a better job than the BART direction-finder where you input an address and a station. Even though there are no BART icons on the google maps, it’s nicer. Maybe I’ll even do a fancy map mashup next.

    Good luck on your party !


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