Buffalo Bill’s Brewery (Hayward)

Buffalo Bill’s Brewery feels more like a family restaurant than a bar, and is popular for adults with children. They pour their own beers only. While their brewpub beer lineup is usually merely average in some respects, they are notable for historical reasons. Buffalo Bill’s was one of the first five brewpubs created in America, founded in 1983. (They were also the first to make a modern commercial pumpkin ale, based on records of George Washington’s brewing experiments… with the impulsive choice to add a tin of spice blend, thus defining the category for better or worse. This seasonal pumpkin-pie spice flavored specialty is now produced for wide distribution each year in bottles.)

Extras: Sit inside or outside. (Buffalo Bill’s is destination C on the map. Just down the block is destination B, The Bistro, a well-regarded craft beer bar with an assortment of top regional brews, so you can visit two places from one BART station.)

1082 B Street, Hayward • (510) 886-9823

less than half a mile Walking from BART: Go out of the BART station, and cross the street to a walkway along the right side of the modern City Hall building, then continue slightly left onto B St. Walk uphill (East) on B Street four more blocks to 1082 B St. at Foothill.

Official Hayward Station Info

If you don’t take the shortcut we suggest, this is the walk from BART to Buffalo Bill’s — across from a movie theater.


  1. Hi Thomas! I believe Buffalo Bills does indeed bottle and distribute that beer, as well as sell it in this pub/restaurant in Haryward. Get in touch with them directly by their website or their phone number, both listed above in our guide to visiting them!


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