Great beer destinations abound in the Bay Area within walking distance of BART and other public transit. Note: the BART system normally closes (station by station) starting around midnight. (A few buses run all night.) Now get out there and explore!

Destinations, grouped by BART station. One shoe is up to 1/4 mile walking (5 minutes) one way:

  • Rockridge Station, Oakland

Beer Baron Bar and Kitchen about a quarter mile

Ben and Nick’s (Bar/Restaurant) about a quarter mile

  • Ashby Station, Berkeley

The Rare Barrel Sour Beer Co. (Brewery/Taproom, kitchen. Bus from BART) about a mile about a mile

  • Berkeley Station

Triple Rock (Brewpub)

Bobby G’s (Pizza Restaurant/Beer Bar)

Jupiter (Tap Room/Restaurant) a few steps - way less than a quarter mile

  • North Berkeley Station

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room (Closed 2022, reopened as Great Notion)

Fieldwork Brewing (Brewery/Tap Room, small bites. Take bus from BART) about a mile about a mile

Lanesplitter (Closed 2022)

  • El Cerrito Plaza Station, El Cerrito

Elevation 66 Brewing Company (Brewpub) about a quarter mile

Albany Tap Room (Beer Bar) about a mile

  • Dublin/Pleasanton Station

Caps & Taps (Beer Bar) three quarters of a mile

  • West Dublin/Pleasanton Station

Three Sheets (Beer Bar) three quarters of a mileless than a quarter mileless than a quarter mile

  • Hayward Station

The Bistro (Beer Bar with live music) less than a quarter mile

Buffalo Bill’s (Closed 2022)

  • Bay Fair Station

Harry’s Hofbrau (Restaurant/Bar) three quarters of a mile

  • San Leandro Station

21st Amendment (Brewery/Tap Room, take free shuttle)

Drakes (Brewery/Tap Room, take free shuttle)

The Cooler (Beer Bar) less than a quarter mileless than a quarter mile

  • Fruitvale Station, Oakland

Ale Industries (Brewery/Tap Room) less than a quarter mile

  • Concord Station

The Hop Grenade (Beer Bar)less than half a mileless than half a mile

E.J. Phair (Beer Bar/Restaurant)

  • Walnut Creek Station

Øl Beercafe (Bottle Shop & Beer Bar) less than half a mile

  • Orinda Station

The Fourth Bore (Restaurant/Bar) less than a quarter mile

  • MacArthur Station, Oakland

Temescal Brewing ( Brewery/Tap Room) less than a quarter mile

Cato’s (Beer Bar/Restaurant) one mile

Lanesplitter (Closed 2022)

  • 19th Street Station, Oakland

The Good Hop (Bottle Shop/Beer Bar) less than a quarter mile less than a quarter mile

Drake’s Dealership (Restaurant/Tap Room)about 3/4 mile

  • 12th Street Station, Oakland

The Trappist (Beer Bar) less than a quarter mile( Closed, re-opened as Sante Adairius Rustic Ales taproom in 2022)

Faction Brewing (Brewery/Tap Room, bus from BART)  far enough to take the bus

  • West Oakland Station

Old Kan Brewing (Brewery/Tap Room) 2/2023 Open weekends and for Warriors games)

  • Embarcadero Station, S.F

Fort Point Beer (Tap room) less than a quarter mile on foot

Marin Brewing Company (by ferry) (Closed 2022)

Harmonic Brewing (Brewery/Tap Room, take MUNI from BART) less than a quarter mile on foot from a streetcar stopless than a quarter mile on foot from a streetcar stop

Olfactory Brewery and Blendery (Brewery/Tap Room, take MUNI from BART)

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers (Brewery/Taproom, take MUNI from BART)far enough to take the bus about a quarter mile

  • Montgomery Station, SF

Barebottle Brewing Salesforce Park (Taproom/Beergarden) less than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mile

Black Hammer (Brewery/Tap Room) less than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mile

21st Amendment (Brewpub) less than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mile

Church Key (Beer Bar)   less than a mile

Public House ( Bar/Restaurant) less than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mileless than 3 quarters of a mile (Closed until April, 2023)

  • Powell Station, SF

Mikkeller Bar (Beer Bar/Restaurant) less than a quarter mile (Closed 10/2022)

Bartlett Hall (Restaurant/ Bar/Brewery) less than a mile total

Local Brewing (Brewery/Tap Room) about 3/4 mile total (Closed due to fire 12/2022)

Hogwash (Bar/Restaurant) about 3/4 mile total(TEMPORARILY CLOSED)

  • Civic Center Station, S.F

Cellarmaker Brewery (Original location, closed 2022)

City Beer Store (Original location, closed 2022 – Moved to 853 Valencia St)

Fermentation Lab (Beer Bar/Restaurant) less than half a mile

Suppenküche (Restaurant/Beer Bar) less than three quarters of a mile

The Beer Hall (Bottle Shop & Beer Bar, Small Bites) less than three quarters of a mileless than three quarters of a mile

Liquid Gold (Beer Bar) less than three quarters of a mile

Toronado (Beer Bar, take MUNI from BART) far enough to take the bus

Magnolia Gastropub (Brewpub, take MUNI from BART) far enough to take the bus

Woods Polk Station (Beer Bar, Take MUNI from BART) far enough to take the bus

  • 16th Street Station, SF

The Monk’s Kettle (Beer Bar/Restaurant) less than a quarter mile

Standard Deviant Brewing (Brewery/Tap Room) less than a quarter mile

Crafty Fox Ale House (Beer Bar/ Restaurant) less than half a mileless than half a mile

Zeitgeist (Bar/Beer garden, Small Bites) less than half a mile

Woods Beer & Wine (Cervecería de MateVeza) (Nano-Brewpub/ Small Bites) less than three quarters of a mile

Southern Pacific Brewing (Brewpub ) less than three quarters of a mileless than three quarters of a mileless than three quarters of a mile

Fort Point Valencia (Taproom/Restaurant) less than three quarters of a mileless than three quarters of a mile

  • 24th Street Station, SF

Cellarmaker House Of Pizza (Restaurant/Tap Room)

Rosamunde Sausage Grill (Restaurant/Beer Bar) A few steps from BART

Pi Bar (Beer Bar/Pizza Restaurant) (CLOSED 2/19/23)

Shotwell’s (Bar) less than three quarters of a mile

Alamo Drafthouse/Bear vs. Bull (Bar) less than three quarters of a mileless than three quarters of a mile

Amnesia less than three quarters of a mileless than three quarters of a mile (Re-opened 2022 as City Beer Store)

Bare Bottle Brewing (Brewery/Tap Room, take MUNI from BART) just far enough to take the bus from BART

Old Devil Moon (CLOSED 11/19/2022)

  • Balboa Park Station, SF

Dark Horse Inn (Beer Bar/Restaurant ) less than half a mile

The Ave Bar (Bar) (CLOSED 2022)

Ocean Ale House (Beer Bar/Restaurant)

  • San Bruno Station, SF

47 Hills Brewing Co. (Brewery/Restaurant/Beergarden)

From Millbrae Station, a few venues south beyond BART, can be reached via CalTrain ) train28

Visiting production breweries that may offer tours by appointment or schedule open houses.


What else belongs here? You tell us! Can you BART, ferry, bus and walk to it?

(Recent comments follow. Earlier years’ remarks are over here.)


  1. Woods Bar and Brewery near downtown Oakland BART stations. Linden Street Brewery maybe too far away to be counted?


    1. Hi Johnnie A.,
      Thanks for contacting us. We are a little behind on our postings as brewers have outpaced our research capacity. Linden Street Brewery is on but we haven’t yet updated the listing to reflect the new Beer Shed and The Dock restaurant next door. We’ll get on it.


      (Since added to the list!)


  2. Woods Bar and Brewery at 17th and Telegraph in Oakland near BART is awesome. You must check it out and consider including it in your listings!


  3. We are a relatively new craft beer bar (opened one month ago) in Dublin and would love to be included in your listings. We are only 0.8 miles from the West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. In fact, I walked to the bar this morning for work. We’d be happy to promote your page via our website, Facebook, and Twitter. Please let us know next steps.

    Stefanie and Wendy
    Three Sheets Craft Beer Bar


    1. Stefanie and Wendy,

      Thank you for contacting us. Congratulations on your new venture! Your beer menu looks great. We will try to make our way out to 3 sheets soon. We are behind on our research! Hope to meet you soon.




  4. A good add for the 16th St. stop would be Giordano Bros., which is a block and a half away from the station at 3108 16th St. 20+ rotating taps of craft brew, Large bottle selection, and Pittsburgh style sandwiches (Fries and slaw ON the sandwich).



  5. You tried Hoi Polloi yet? On Alcatraz right near the Ashby BART. Tinyt little nanopub making a real biz of it, great hangout spot.


  6. Hi, Lee! We have stopped at Hoi Polloi, and it is charmingly tiny and neighborhoodish. When we first stopped in, the beers were still being dialed in, but if you’re suggesting it, Hoi Polloi must be worth a trip for people outside the nabe. Thanks for the tip.


    1. Just updated to a mobile-responsive design that is supposed to be app-like through your mobile browser… but we think about all kinds of cool variations of course. You an app developer by any chance? 😉


  7. Hello. I’m very glad I found this site, because I’m going to San Francisco this year mostly because of the craft beer scene (I’m from Brazil and crazy about craft beer).

    So, I ended up here when I was seeking for some information about going to Chico from San Francisco by collective transportation (I don’t drive), and became aware of their taproom in Berkley, which I didnt’ know about yet. Excellent!

    Anyway, do you guys think it’s viable to visit some breweries not too far (like Russian River or Lagunitas) by bus or something like that? I know Chico is a little too far for a one-day trip, although I would love to visit Sierra Nevada, for everything it means to the craft beer scene and their beautifull plant.

    But, would that kind of trip be something you recommend to a tourist like me? Would it be safe? I don’t know what to expect from that kind of transport outside SF, so that’s why I’m asking. Any tips regarding it?

    Congratulations for the great work!



    1. Very glad to hear from a visitor from Brazil! You have the beginnings of a truly outstanding craft beer scene in your country and in Argentina, I have been told. South America has a lot of interesting ingredients and tradition to bring to the world of brewing.

      California has been the land of the automobile for a long time, and the mass transit beyond the urban centers can be difficult. There have been several brewery tour services from time to time, and some have gone out of business. I think you might ask if they could make up a private tour for you, since that business is still going.

      The older bus service around California is run by Greyhound, and they are so historic now that sometimes they have a bus station in a run-down part of town that was once the business center but is rougher. Combining a Greyhound bus with a taxi or a car service can sometimes make sense for safety for that reason. People use the greyhound system to get to places such as Chico.

      There is a weekday Golden Gate Transit Bus from SF to Sonoma County that has a terrible schedule for a one day trip out of SF, but could be used if you wanted to stay overnight in Santa Rosa for a night or two. (Some recommend going to Santa Rosa directly from the SF airport with , then using the Golden Gate Transit bus to come back into the city another day.

      I wish it was easier. But look at all these great places near BART, anyway.



  8. ashby bart: hoi polloi ( brewery ) and moxy (restaurant with great beer list and outdoor seating). Both are walkable.

    north berkeley: Westbrae Biergarden!


  9. Suggest you add Eureka to the Downtown Berkeley list. It is a restaurant with a strong craft brew tap list that is only a block from the station.


  10. What a great website! Yesterday, we headed up to Concord (EJ Phair and Hop Grenade – both great places) and then on to Berkeley (Triple Rock). It’s great to try new places.

    Well done!


    1. Thank you Steve. Sorry for the delay in replying. Too much on our plates…or beers in our glass. Cheers, Steve & Gail


  11. Hey there- We are currently building a new Whole Foods Market store in Dublin, about 1/4 mile from the BART station, and we would love to be included in this awesome site!

    Our store opens May 20th and will feature 12 local beers on tap in our taproom, aka The Vine.

    Could you please let me know what I can do to become a part of this site?

    Thanks, and have a great one!


    1. Hi Paul, This is great news. We look forward to checking out the new taproom. The two in San Francisco are really nice spots as is the coddingtown in Santa Rosa. Good luck and hope to meet you soon. Please send us a notice of opening or industry events.
      Cheers, Steve


  12. Hi there! Please consider adding Independent Brewing Company, only 4 blocks from Lake Merritt BART station. We’re open Fri 4-8pm, Sat/Su 2-6pm and currently have 6 beers on tap. Dog and Kid friendly!


  13. Hey Steve – next Thursday, June 18 is our 2nd Annual Builders & Brewers event. Magnolia Brewing , 21st Amendment and Anchor will all be pouring. Ticket includes beer, food, beer glass, plus live entertainment and silent auction. It’s a fundraiser open to the public,


    1. Yes, they need to be added. Thanks for the nudge! Travel and SF beer developments have distracted us, and that’s just not right. Admiration for the East Bay scene was one of the reasons we stared this site.


    2. I suggest this with mixed feelings, as I know I’m going to go there one day to find they’re at capacity. I will weep, to be sure, but they do deserve a mention here. Thanks for taking the time to reply, and get yer butt over to the East Bay again soon! 😉


  14. Three Sheets Craft Beer, on Village Parkway, in Dublin, is a very popular place open about a year. It’s just an easy, flat mile walk from the Bart station.


    1. Thanks for contacting us, Diana. We have visited twice and really like it. We added Fourth Bore in February in time for SF Beer Week. Good luck. Glad to learn that John (JJ) Phair is an owner. The beer is in good hands. Steve


  15. Hi There- For North Concord BART, please consider adding in Black Diamond Brewing Co. (brewery/taproom) and my new brewery/taproom Epidemic Ales (150 Mason Circle, Suite J, Concord). Both are off the North Concord BART stop and the only breweries in Concord (also within half a mile of each other). Also, Pig & The Pickle has closed its doors.


  16. Dude! When I’m not delivering pizza’s at Porky’s Pizza Palace in the Manor/ San Leandro I’m on your site scribbling out my next brew-tinerary!!!

    You kick-ass! Thankyou for publishing such a wonderful reference of our bay area brews.

    Matt O


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Matt. We love Gary as well as Porky’s beers. Wish they were closer to BART.
      Keep drinking the good stuff! Steve


  17. If you want and insider’s perspective at San Francisco breweries, check out SF on Tap’s walking craft beer tours. They visit 3 breweries in 3.5 hours and you’ll find yourself in situations you won’t be on your own. Their Sunday Celebrate the Haight tour usually speaks with 2 different brewers, while Saturday’s Big Sippin’ In SoMa has an awesome brewery tour at ThirstyBear, which doesn’t offer public tours. Private group tours for businesses or groups of friends are available too.


  18. Oh, I also noticed you haven’t yet added the brewery/restaurant Brasserie St. James, which opened up at Valencia and 18th in SF out of nowhere, right under my nose!


  19. Hi, we recently opened a Beer Bike in Oakland. We would love it if you would include us in your list. We are located within walking distance of the Merritt Bart Station, we start and stop at 444 Harrison Street, Oakland 94607: Velocipede Tours


  20. The Walnut Creek locations are accessible by a free shuttle from BART through the downtown area. Better than walking!


  21. Please add Novel Brewing on San Pablo Ave. Easy walk from the Ashby station. Fun little place, nice owners.


    1. The Fourth Bore Taproom & Grill in Orinda @thefourthbore walking distance from Orinda Bart, open 7 days a week with a fire pit Beer Garden and American Fare woodfired menu, 8 screens for all your games, Cal affiliated, Warrior affiliated


    1. Thanks, Richard. We will have to get out there to check out the two places you are suggesting. We appreciate your tips! Cheers!


  22. You should check out The Golden Squirrel 2 blocks from Rockridge Bart. 24 craft beers on draft that rotate all the time.


  23. Just a heads up to Armstrong Brewing in SSF.
    415 Grand St. Next dior and downstairs from La Tapatia.
    Bart to SSF and bus to Grand Ave.

    They’re SSF’s 1st Brewery and going to be SSF’s 1st BBQ joint!


  24. You have missed a great beer scene in Lafayette ca. Metro, Pizza Antica, The Cooperage allhave great beers on tap and provide a great beer atmosphere in Lafayette. You guys really need to check things out here.


  25. Hi there! I love this blog post, and I wanted to ask if you could include Takara Sake’s tasting room on this list. We are located at 708 Addison St. in Berkeley (closest to the North Berkeley Bart) – catty corner to Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Room. Sake is not exactly beer of course, but the steps used to ferment are fairly similar (multiple fermentation). Many beer lovers have visited and we have loved comparing and contrasting the brewing methods. In the meantime, we encourage you to come visit us for a tasting!


  26. Hi! Blue Brew Bus is a new Brew Tour Company in the East Bay and we’d love to work with you guys somehow. We started offering Brew Tours last June in Livermore and are now starting to branch out into the greater East Bay and beyond. Our First San Leandro Brew Tour is on Oct. 21st. Additionally, we conveniently pick up at a Bart Station close to each day’s Brew Tour. We’ve created a promo-code for your followers to use on a future Blue Brew Bus Brew Tour! Use “BEERBYBART” when registering on our website and save $5 per person. Hope to talk soon! Take care.


  27. Arthur Mac’s has opened up on the west side of Macarthur BART. Rose’s Taproom is a lovely spot, about 15 minutes’ walk from Macarthur BART or a short ride on the 6 bus (Telegraph Avenue). There are several beer joints in the Jack London Square area of Oakland. There’s somewhat raucous Beer Revolution, which has a nice sunny patio. Federation Brewing nearby is nice and chill. There’s also Independent Brewing. These would all be about 10-15 minutes’ walk from 12th St. BART, or you can take an AC Transit 72 bus or the free Broadway shuttle.


  28. Hops & Scotch Beer & Whiskey Bar is right at the Pleasant Hill BART station, has 50 taps of craft beer is a must add to the pist!


  29. Hops and Scotch is just outside the Pleasant Hill BART station and has 50 taps of craft beer, please add them.


  30. How can I add my bar to your list, we are new and on the corner of market and new Montgomery just steps from bart


  31. May I suggest a few to add to your 12th St. Oakland list?
    Original Pattern
    Independent Brewing Co.
    Federation Brewing
    Oakland Brewing Co.


    1. Thanks for contacting us, Doug. Short answer: Yes. Our intentions have lagged behind the influx of breweries and beer pubs. If you would be so kind as to forward your reccs, with a short sentence or two as to why it should be on our list, we would be grateful. We also will be winnowing our list as some of the originals don’t meet our standards anymore.
      Thanks again for reaching out. Happy SF Beer Week.



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