Good Hop, The (19th St Oakland)

The Good Hop is is a bottle shop and taproom in the rapidly growing Uptown neighborhood of Oakland. It features 16 taps with a wide variety northern California beers. There is no “capage” fee for pulling a beer from one of their nine coolers and consuming it on premise. Bottles from local, national and international breweries abound. All beers are cold-stored before being placed into the coolers.  The Good Hop was started by beer industry veterans with support from their community, and it shows in the care for the product and in the tiles and stools engraved in a crowd-funding push.

There is a large bar with 15 seats plus plenty of room to stand and roam and shop for beer. There are 2 TV’s that will show local sports without sound.

Extras: There are many places to enjoy interesting beers nearby.  Lost and Found is on the way from BART on Telegraph and 21st. A bit further is the very sweet Scottish pub Commonwealth at 29th and Telegraph.

2421 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland • (510) 338-6598


less than half a mileGet off at 19th Street Oakland. Exit BART thru the 20th Street exit. Walk to 20th and turn left for 1 block to Telegraph. Cross Telegraph and turn right. Walk 5 blocks to the corner of 24th and Telegraph.

Official 19th St. Station and connecting transit info from BART.

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