About Beer By BART

Craft Beer without Driving, and the Stories We Tell

Steve and Gail, on our first trip to savor the great beers of Belgium

Getting There

We are Gail Ann Williams and Steve Shapiro. Beer By BART was born as a transit guide in 2007, back before mobile maps included walking directions or transit times. But even as navigation aids evolved, the value of having a scouted-out walk to a beer destination with fresh local craft beers has not diminished. Over the years we have added articles about the beer scene.

The site is our way of giving back to a craft beer community that still delights us after all these years. We love beer travel and beer travelers. Whether you use the destination guide with mass transit such as the BART trains, or simply to find a beer place to visit in the BART counties of Northern California, we hope you use the services of a train, bus, cab or car share along with walking when that makes sense. It’s a great way to discover the beer scene.

Beer Writing

As we began to tell stories at Beer By BART, we got to know and learn from beer journalists. We started working to improve our blog stories. Eventually, we were writing the SF column for Celebrator Beer News. We worked with publisher Tom Dalldorf on that now-defunct brewspaper for years, co-writing columns and features. We were thrilled to win several awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers, including two working with Ben Keene at Beer Advocate Magazine. We’ve also written for Beer Paper and Craftbeer.com. For our latest projects see our Beer Currents site.

Contact Us

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