ØL Beercafe (Walnut Creek)

ØL Beercafe is a combined bottleshop and beer bar. Featuring 18 taps along with hundreds of bottles arranged in 2 three-door coolers and on shelves around the bar, ØL has the feeling of a pub that happens to have a large bottle collection.  The beer list is heavily weighted towards Belgian and local beers.  There are 8 tables ranging in size from 2 to 12 people and an 8 seat bar.  There are no TV’s.  All bottles have two prices on them, for on-site consumption and takeaway. Øl is the old norse word for ale, and it can be pronounced more or less as “ull” or “ool.”


1541 Giammona Drive, Walnut Creek  925-210-1147

less than half a mileExit the BART fare gates and turn left. Walk down a long row of bus stops, then down the stairs to corner of Ygnatio Valley Road and North California Road. Cross Ygnacio Valley and walk down a slight hill on North California. Turn left at the first light onto Lacassie Ave. Walk one block, and turn right onto to Locust Street until your first left, onto Giammona Drive. ØL Beercafe is on this short block. Note: If you look at the local map in the BART station, Giammona Drive still appears as East Street, its former name.

Official Walnut Creek Station and connecting transit info

from BART to ØL Beercafe

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