Ale Industries (Fruitvale)

Having outgrown its former Concord location, Ale Industries relocated to the Fruitvale District of Oakland, and opened a taproom area in the new brewery. Fruitvale is a neighborhood that’s trying very hard to remake itself. There are signs of a neighborhood on the rise. AI

The  Ale Industries brewery is in a large warehouse offering plenty of space for its current biodiesel brewing system, fermentation tanks and barrels, with room for expansion. The tasting room, called the Jingletown Jazz Room, offers the AI house beers and hosts art exhibits and sometimes live music. The tasting room is open every day. There is no food but there are plans to have food trucks park outside when the taproom is open.

3096 E 10th St, Oakland, CA 94601 • (510) 479-3185

less than a quarter mileFrom Fruitvale BART, by daylight, it’s quickest to exit out the back to the bus waiting area, cross the bus lane to 34th Avenue. Walk one block to San Leandro Street. Turn Right on San Leandro, continue across Fruitvale Avenue. Cross Fruitvale onto East 10th, and walk about half a block to the brewery. (After dark, pay attention and walk with your urban-street-smarts turned on in this area. Consider the better-lighted route along the walkway beside and below the the BART tracks, running between the station and the corner of 12th Street and Fruitvale. Google maps is preventing us from showing that as a foot route, but you will see that it is.)

Official Fruitvale Station and local bus info.

from near BART to Ale Industries

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