Speakeasy Ales and Lagers makes an array of hoppy and flavorful beers. Their beer is well distributed in bars, stores and restaurants throughout the Bay Area and beyond. You can also drink their beers at the source. As of February, 2013, you can drop by their tap room at the brewery six days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday. (Check website for hours). They are continuing  their  open houses, Saturday 1-6 PM. (These days and times have shifted before, so check their web site or call before trekking out there).

The taproom is styled to feel like a, well, Speakeasy. It’s small and dark and if bar-sitting isn’t your style, there are lots of little nooks and crannies in which to sit and enjoy their beers. Bottles are also available to take away.

SpeakeasyLoud, energetic live bands, beers and usually a food truck or two make the open houses festive. Children are welcome and chalk for pavement drawing is provided. They are also welcomed in the taproom.

Speakeasy is not near BART.

Extras: You can also schedule tours by appointment. A short ride on the K/T north (outbound) two stops to Magnolia Brewery and Smokestack BBQ Restaurant (Not yet open as of 2/14) or 3 stops to Triple Voodoo Brewery.


1195 Evans Avenue, San Francisco • (415) 64-BEER-1 [415-642-3371]

far enough to take the bus about a quarter mileabout a quarter mileExit BART and enter MUNI Metro in the same station. Take the K/T Metro inbound. Get off at the Evans Street stop at 3rd Street. Cross 3rd Street and walk East on Evans 0.4 miles to Speakeasy on the right at Keith. You should not walk this stretch after dark, so you may choose to take the 44 or 19 bus down Evans Avenue coming out. Get off at Keith Street. Plan to seek a cab or ride if you are returning late.  It can sometimes be hard to get cabs to come out to this neighborhood, though cab companies should be familiar with the location due to the parties.

Official Embarcadero Station and connecting transit info.

View Larger Map to Speakeasy Brewery using the MUNI T line light rail


5 thoughts on “Speakeasy Brewery (Embarcadero plus MUNI)

    1. Hi Todd,
      Thanks for contacting us.

      We have noted what their Saturday hours were with the caveat to contact them to check. They do not have Saturday hours listed on their website. So I guess it’s on you and us to communicate about it.

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