Bartlett Hall (Powell)

Bartlett Hall is a rather ornate restaurant and bar that features cocktails, an extensive wine list and a nice 16-tap, two-bottle beer selection. The tap list includes a reasonable selection of local breweries, domestics and some imports. Bartlett Hall Included are several house beers now produced in the seven-barrel brewery visible in the back of the restaurant. The brewers plan to increase the number of their own beers on tap.

Extras: Bartlett Hall is in easy walking distance to Mikkeller Bar and, with a bit of an uphill walk, Hop Water Distribution restaurant.

242 O’Farrell Street (between Powell and Mason)
San Francisco • 415-433-4332

   Take the Exit labeled A1 from the BART station into the plaza. Climb stairs or escalator to the right to the Cable Car turnaround at Powell Street. Turn left and walk up Powell Street two blocks to O’Farrell Street. Cross O’Farrell, turn left and find Bartlett Hall 1/2 a block on the right.

Official Powell Station info.

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