Suppenküche (Civic Center)

Suppenküche is a great place to learn about and enjoy both familiar and unusual German beers (and a few Belgians). It’s a popular German restaurant with a small bar located in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley. They have 20 taps and offer about 10 bottled beers, again, mostly German with a few Belgians and a stray Czech. At least 1/3 of their taps rotate with seasonal or hard to find German beers. They are open common restaurant hours, 5:00 to 10:00 PM every day and are open 10:00 to 2:30 for Sunday brunch.

Extras: Well-informed bartenders, in lederhosen (though maybe not every day).

525 Laguna St. (at Hayes), San Francisco • 415 252-8661

Map to Suppenküche

less than 3 quarters of a mile Walking from BART: Exit BART on the north side of Market St. Walk west on Market to Hayes Street. Walk up Hayes Street 6 blocks to Laguna. Suppenküche is on the southwest corner.

Official Civic Center Station and connecting transit info


  1. We used your map for directions. It was a bit pricy but worth it! Great food fresh kolsch and leipzig gose in bottle!


    1. Hi Peter,

      Suppenküche is a great place. They really know their beers. Glad we helped you get there. We’ve got to get there for the Gose soon. That style is not easy to find around here.


  2. Ate there recently, and LOVED it. Going back this week. Friend will ride the train in from Emoryville. This post let me dial her right in. Thanks.


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