Shotwell’s (24th St SF)

Shotwell’s is a casual, bicycle-friendly neighborhood bar in the middle of the Mission District.  They offer 12 taps, featuring a good assortment of American craft beer and sometimes unusual Belgian, German and English brews on draft, as well as an interesting bottle selection. Shotwell’s serves no food.

Extras: This pleasant neighborhood bar is about 3 blocks from the Southern Pacific Brewing Company pub.

3349 20th St. (@ Shotwell) San Francisco (415) 648-4104

less than three quarters of a mile Walking from BART: Since this part of the Mission is laid out grid-style, you have several easy alternatives to walk to Shotwell’s from 24th Street. Any combination of 3 blocks east and 4 blocks north will work. You’ll note it’s just as close to 16th Street Station, for an approach from the opposite direction.

Official 24th St. Station and local bus info.

from BART to Shotwell’s

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