Old Kan Beer & Co (West Oakland)

Oakland’s near anagram brewery, Old Kan, offers a cozy, characterful taproom with a fenced outdoor deck seating area, preserving the vibe of what used to be known as The Shed. Old Kan celebrates the idea that sometimes you just want a beer. Now featuring new beers designed to be straightforward brewing expressions (along with some guest taps from friends’ breweries), Old Kan obviously has canning on the agenda.  Food service is available from the team that ran the late lamented Dock next door.  Brewery equipment is onsite and will soon be in production in the former Linden Street Brewing space.  Meanwhile, as of Spring 2017, the new Old Kan brews beers at neighboring breweries to serve here.

Extras:  Looking for a grand beer crawl?  It’s not far to continue down 3rd St. to Beer Revolution, and from there up Broadway to The Trappist, Rosamunde, Pacific Coast Brewing and then to the Oakland 12th Street BART Station.

95 Linden Street, Suite 7-8, Oakland • (510) 338-3965


about a quarter mileabout a quarter mileabout a quarter mileWe suggest walking this by daylight only. Even then, the walk from West Oakland BART can feel a little bit desolate. The map shows the route from the exit on 7th Street. Shave off a little distance by cutting though the parking lot on the 5th Street side of the station instead.  Continue down Mandela Parkway, which curves and changes to 3rd Street. Enjoy the railroad yard scenery, and continue until you get to Linden Street. Turn right and then right again into the parking lot at 95 Linden.  Pass the wine tasting to get to the Old Kan Brewing.

Official West Oakland Station and other connecting transit info.