Announcing Session #29: Will Travel for Beer

Will you travel for beer?

00-thesession150If you just wrote or read about the trek to the furthest brew pub in the last round of the Session, and you immediately thought of other beer destinations near and far, we want to hear all about the good ones that didn’t quite fit the assignment! Tell us about that beer trip.

If you see the words “travel” and “beer” and instead of your best tourist sagas you think of work or logistics, we want to know your tips and strategies on the road. (Perhaps for getting prized bottles home.)

And if you haven’t done much travel for fine beer, either for work or pleasure, but you have a trip you’d love to do, tell us where you’d like to go seeking the experience and the community of beer. Who would you want to meet at your destination, who would your travel-mates be, and what would you most want to taste when you arrived?

Details please, whichever way you take this! You’re welcome to pull out the vacation slide show if you wish. By all means have a beer that reminds you of the trip, and describe it if you wish. This episode of The Session goes up on Friday July 3rd, 2009. Finish early and maybe you can go someplace for the weekend!

-Gail and Steve

Visit Jay’s index to all The Sessions, and enjoy some delicious beer writing. To participate in the next Session, come back here to add a comment with a link to your Will Travel for Beer post on July 3, or email the link to us then at beerbybart [at] Happy trails!

Explore Beer By BART – see our list of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best beer places with detailed transit info, so you can get out there to enjoy without driving.

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26 Comments on “Announcing Session #29: Will Travel for Beer”

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  2. Alan Says:

    An early entry from me as I have to pack for a trip:

  3. […] #29 hosted by Gail and Steve from Beer by BART. The theme is “Will Travel for Beer.” Visit them for the recap of what others have to write on this […]

  4. […] 3, 2009 by knutalbert Gail and Steve want to know our beer tips and strategies on the road. (Perhaps for getting prized bottles […]

  5. Peter Says:

    Hi guys! Great to have seen you on Tuesday. Here is my contribution:

  6. The Beer Nut Says:

    Posted, appropriately, from a pub in a foreign country :)

  7. Thanks for hosting this week. Here is my post! Have a great 4th weekend!!

    Matt C.

  8. This is so cool… what fun.

  9. […] case you haven’t figured it out by now, Gail and Steve of Beer by BART have chosen beer touring as their subject for this month, and as an inveterate voyager, it’s […]

  10. Brian Yaeger Says:

    Thanks, Gail & Steve. A touch hurried, but isn’t that part of traveling?


  11. Hi Gail,

    Here’s my contribution to the session:

    Thanks for hosting this. Hopefully, they’ll extend BART down to San Jose, and I’ll consult your site more often.

    Take care,


  12. Don Says:

    Sorry I’m running late. Here’s my contribution. The Texas Hill Country

  13. We’re having a great time reading these, and we’ll do the round-up later tonight when we get back from having a beer with friends.

  14. Jimmy Says:

    Here’s my submission, it’s still Friday, barely!

    Thanks for hosting!

  15. […] chosen topic is “Will Travel For Beer,” which they describe as follows: If you see the words “travel” and “beer” and […]

  16. brookston Says:

    Here’s mine, a little late because I was, wait for it, traveling.


  17. […] Welcome to The Session, a monthly event for beer and brewing bloggers! This is Session #29, for which Beer By BART writers Gail and Steve have chosen the topic, “Will Travel for Beer.” […]

  18. Van Heriford Says:

    Great post! The tips as well as insights are well worthwhile seeing. You definitely others beneficial material. Thank you for posting that!

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