Out for a good IPA near BART

rockridge station

Rockridge is a perfect destination for a first Beer by BART foray. Ben and Nick’s is within a block of the escalator in one direction, and Barclay’s is within three blocks in the other. Both have excellent no-crap beer menus.

We made this tough choice last week on a cold evening. This time we chose the one with more taps, a little further away. As usual, Barclay’s had a plethora of good big rich real beers to choose from.

Advice, if you want a tip on a destination: Can’t really go wrong with Barclay’s, and Rockridge is close to the center of the BART system. So why not try this place on your first beer-by-BART expedition?

This was how we started the project of discovering and cataloging BART’s best craft beer bar and brewpub destinations…

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