Belgian delights – visiting The Trappist

The Trappist, photo by Gail.

It’s brand new and it’s worth a trip and then another one. Owners Aaron Porter and Chuck Stilphen have launched the latest destination bar in the Bay Area. They took the time to beautifully re-model a formally funky little space right off Broadway on 8th in Oakland that had been vacant for years, transforming it into an elegant, cozy little pub that honors fine brews and conversation.

You’ll find some additional details and BART instructions on our new The Trappist page, just added to Beer By BART. We took the train over to do a scouting trip Sunday afternoon and had a great time there. The intelligent service from bartenders who are knowledgeable about their beers and happy to tell you what they know is a key ingredient n the experience. Like City Beer in San Francisco, The Trappist is a place to both enjoy and learn about fine beer. It looks like short of a ticket to Brussels, this is the East Bay place to explore exactly what to love about Belgian beers.

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