JJ – The Thirsty Hopster – talks hops

(jj talks the talk, photo originally uploaded to flickr)

We had the pleasure of attending one of Jessica Jones’ tasting events Sunday on a pleasant San Francisco afternoon. (Visitors note that while jackets or sweaters are traditional here on SF summer days, we have no attitude against shorts for the warm-blooded. It’s up to you!)

JJ, the Thirsty Hopster, led us through rounds of IPAs and their cousins, the Rye IPAs, the Belgian IPAs and the proud Imperials. It was like a little bottle festival, and a great chance to appreciate some beers I have not tasted in the context of other good IPAs. The Firestone Walker, for example, was particularly impressive in its malty hoppy balance!

Jessica is just as fun, enthusiastic and thoughtful in her approach and descriptions live as she is on her blog.

Locations for her events are subject to change, but this one was just at the one mile mark from BART, making the day even more pleasant.

To find out about future events, follow JJ at The Thirsty Hopster. -Gail

Explore Beer By BART – a list of Bay Area good beer places with transit info, and get out there to enjoy without driving.

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