San Francisco Beer Week

February is all about beer in San Francisco, with the Beerapalooza events loosely coordinated by The Celebrator (our excellent indigenous beer magazine) and the Strong Beer Month events coordinated by S.F. Brewpubs Magnolia, 21st Amendment and some years Thristy Bear. This year, the heart of what a lot of us consider to be Beer Month around here will become S.F. Beer Week, and the world is invited to visit.

Over the summer beer writer Jay Brooks started organizing local bloggers, in part in response to his admiration for the job the city of Philadelphia did with their beer event earlier, as well as meeting with the original Beerapalooza organizers. This morning he posted a SF Beer Week announcement and disclosed that he’s passing out postcards at the sold out and acclaimed Slow Food festival this weekend in San Francisco!

If you're going to San Francisco... be sure to have a beer here
If you're going to San Francisco... be sure to have a beer here. February 6-15 2009

There’s new, simple website up for SF Beer Week where you can sign up for a newsletter. Obviously, in the mean time, there are other ways you can be a part of this. We can all spread the word organically online, emailing pals about possible travel plans, bookmarking the site using such tools as Digg, Delicious, Facebook and the like, by talking about it on our favorite beer forums and our own blogs. Bravo to Jay for his web-community-savvy approach, and for the logo which adds a certain thirsty element to the iconic San Francisco skyline in front of an IPA-colored sunset.

Explore Beer By BART – a list of Bay Area good beer places with transit info, and get out there to enjoy without driving.


  1. Take another look at the skyline. While some of the buildings are iconic landmarks like Coit Tower and the TransAmerica Building, others are in reality beer bottles.


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