Moonlight hop harvest

Where do fresh hopped beers come from? In the case of the elegant beers of Moonlight Brewing, these seasonal delights come from hand-picked estate-grown hops, added raw and fresh to fermenting beers. Brian Hunt’s Moonlight beers have always been one of the indicators for us of places in the San Francisco Bay Area that are worth taking BART to visit.

Hop happy Brian Hunt
Hop happy Brian Hunt

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to be part of a hop picking party for upcoming beer from this cherished craft brewery. (No, it is not on the BART system. It’s out in rural Sonoma County.) The textures and aromas of picking the hops were memorable, and the camaraderie was even better.

Here are a few pix and a little video, in our attempt to share some of the experience from last weekend. (A much better way to share in the harvest will be to keep an eye out for Moonlight harvest beers which may find their way to favorite places such as the Bistro, Toronado, Barclay’s, Amnesia and more.)

The estate hop fields
The estate hop fields

These curious migrant hop pickers got to work
Some curious migrant hop pickers got to work
Sean and Cindy collaborate on the ulimate IPA garnish
Sean and Cindy collaborate on the ulimate IPA garnish
Collecting the hop cones
Collecting the hop cones
Hop harvest companion
Hop harvest companion

(1 minute 16 second video with motion and yodeling)

Bucket of Love (photo and picking by Steve Shapiro)
Bucket of Love

We’re hoping to taste these tender ripe cones in another incarnation, soon!

Explore Beer By BART – a list of Bay Area good beer places with transit info, and get out there to enjoy without driving.

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