National Homebrewers converge on Oakland’s 12th St station for NHC 2009

Imagine taking BART to the National Homebrewer’s Conference. This will be possible June 18-20 2009. It’s a great opportunity for brewers, lapsed brewers or those who simply love good beer to check out the state of elite homebrewing, and to learn more about the craft. You could sign up now, and you may want to, since the amazing sessions and events sold out last year!

the trappist
The Trappist, 2 blocks from the Convention Center, photo by Gail.

Once a year members of the American Homebrewing Association gather from near and far for the National Homebrewer’s Conference. This year local Bay Area beer aficionados will have the pleasure of hosting this event, and welcoming throngs of elite homebrewers into our favorite beer destinations by the Bay.

We’ve created a Pub Crawl Page to help visitors decide where to go, and to spread out so no one place is mobbed all the time.

We’re looking for feedback right now, before the pub crawl link is changed to go to our new crawl page. Please ask questions, make suggestions and help us hone this resource so NHC attendees can savor our local beer scene smoothly, safely and without parking angst.


Explore Beer By BART – see our main list of Bay Area good beer places with detailed transit info, and get out there to enjoy without driving.

Your thoughts?

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