All the Trappist brews, guided by Nicole Erny

Short video (enlarge for better detail) Bay Area beer educator Nicole Enry guides us through the fine art of the Trappist monks

The one year anniversary of The Trappist in Oakland, which was itself a delightful gift to the local beer community, saw a remarkable gift to the regulars, friends and Belgian beer tasting school veterans: a special flight of beers from all seven Trappist breweries, including the elusive Westvleteren 12. Nicole Enry’s note cards and commentary made the event as thoughtful and educational as it was sumptuous and sensory. (Berries? Did we really get raspberry or blackberry in the Westvleteren? Just when you wish you could taste it again the glass is empty, and only memory persists.)

The first year of the Trappist is a fine thing to be thankful for, in a year of great beer.

Explore Beer By BART – see our main list of Bay Area good beer places with detailed transit info, and get out there to enjoy without driving.

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