Dave Hopwood from Stone Brewery leads a toast to Bill Brand’s recovery at Schooner’s

The wonderful event tonight was a contrast to today’s terrible news. William Brand, Bay Area beer writer and formerly Science reporter with the Oakland Tribune, was critically injured Sunday night when he was struck by a Muni light rail metro train near near 21st Amendment brewpub in San Francisco.  He was was walking near Second and King streets when an N-Judah train hit him and threw him into a pole, according to the Tribune, Chronicle and SJ Mercury reports.

Beer industry and local beer community blogger Jay Brooks says that:

… at Bottoms Up, they’re asking to hear from “blogging buddies, commenters and community members in the comments section so they “can pass your best wishes as soon as we’re able to share them.” Let’s do our part to inundate him well wishes.

Bill is a friend of ours, (and a fellow fan of the work of Valley and Schooner’s who we’d hoped to see at this delightful beer and cheese event) so we are stunned.

To your health, Bill.

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