2013 Festival Season Kicks Off Sat. Jan. 26

So it’s been more than three weeks into the new year and there hasn’t been a festival yet. Well, nothing’s wrong that can’t be fixed.

The Brewing Network’s fourth Winter Brews Festival is a great way to start your 2013 beery explorations. Now held in Concord’s Todos Santos Park, this is a very accessible and friendly fest. There is plenty of room to roam in the park as you sample beers from 30+ breweries, most from Northern California.BN Winterfest, 2011 Berkeley edition

If you’ve been following the craft beer scene even a little, you know that there are new breweries opening all the time. It’s likely that here you will find beers from breweries that you haven’t gotten to know yet as well as many old favorites.

There is no need to drive as the park is located less than half a mile from the main Concord BART station, next to E.J. Phair’s pub. Here are the easy walking directions:


We hope to see many of you there on Saturday. For more info and tickets:


Your thoughts?

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