Learning to make sour beers at home

Last night we were thrilled to attend the SF Homebrewers Guild monthly meeting to talk about sour beers!

Beer By BART’s Gail Ann Williams joined Steve Smith of the exciting new local yeast lab, GigaYeast, to talk about making sour beers. Here is her slide deck, for anybody who wants to give Lambic (or the outside of Belgium pseudo-Lambic) brewing a try, or to see how others are doing it.

If you’re less patient, there are some lovely artisan sour beers made in our area, and quite a few are served at wonderful pubs within walking distance of BART, as a matter of fact.

It’s Never Too Soon To Go Sour: Sour Beer Homebrewing

Explore Beer By BART; use our list of some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best beer places with detailed transit info, so you can get out there to enjoy without driving.

Your thoughts?

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