We make a Carob Molasses ale with Cerveceria de Mateveza

Here’s the video of our brew day adventure for SF Beer Week:

Please join us on Thursday for the SF Beer Week premier of Carob Calloway, an ale brewed with the luscious dark fruity flavors of Lebanese Carob Molasses. We’ll be there from five to seven, and the cosy Mission District pub will be open until nine for delicious empañadas, our beer, and other treats.
An easy walk from 16th Street Station!
– Gail and Steve


    1. Hey Bill. I have been meaning to dig up the final recipe and haven’t yet — since it’s not in my homebrew log, having been a guest brew at Cerveceria — but the concept is: Choose a good stout recipe. Cut out half of the black grain (roast barley or whatever). Add in 1/2 cup of carob molasses per gallon at five minutes before flame-out, and stir. I bought several brands to figure out which was the best flavor in my opinion, and ended up with something like 6 large jars (as I recall) for a 20 gal batch. I did include the remainder of the small jar of the second choice flavor, but it was mostly the one I liked best.
      It’s a great flavor, and it appears to be quite fermentable. I would do the gravity calculations as if it were maple syrup, but that’s only a guess.


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