Unite Pale Ale – Pink Bootsters, Venusians and all

Women of the beer world unite! Today all over the world women are going into breweries to make beer, in many cases hanging out and stepping through the process while socializing with a group of their female colleagues.
Bay Area brewsters in the local Pink Boots Society chapter, an informal, ad-hoc and convivial group, started early and will actually be pouring and enjoying Unite Pale Ale (Bay Area) today. The beer will be tapped for the first time this evening at Zeitgeist. If you haven’t been to Zeitgeist for a while, the connection you want to know is that Pink Boot Bay Area’s “Robin Z” is the beer manager there who oversaw the building of a high tech walk-in for kegs, expanded their taps and is expanding their offerings.

It’s true — you can see women brewing professionally all over the globe by searching on the twitter tag. And this evening if you drop by Zeitgeist in SF, you can have one of the first glasses of this special international women’s beer, a fundraiser for the Pink Boots scholarship fund to help woman in the industry advance their careers.

More venues will be announced. All kegs (and a few firkins) have been spoken for. There will be Unite Pale Ale days at Pi Bar, Original Gravity, Albany Taproom and Amsterdam Cafe, among others. Keep your eyes open.

The Unite Pale Ale (Bay Area) was brewed in a 15 bbl batch at Drakes Brewing on Friday, Feb. 21st. In keeping with the theme suggested by our sister-brewers in the uK, the beer is a light, drinkable 4% ABV session ale with Cascade hops. (The local chapter’s twist? Add some additional interesting dry hops — Citra and El Dorado — picked out on brew day by the woman who came to brew!)

Denise Ratfield of Stone Brewing, who is brewing at Dogfish Head for this event, sent out a pointer to the twitter hashtag #IWCB for the day, saying “It is my hope to give people around the world a view into what Pink Boots Society, Project Venus (UK & Eire) and women in brewing are all about.” This afternoon and tonight, drinking one such fine beer will be added to the array of images.

Here’s how to get to Zeitgeist from BART: https://beerbybart.com/why/zeitgeist/

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