Watching Brut IPA sweep the nation

Yesterday we visited Social Kitchen and Brewery out in the western side of SF. This sign, with its birthplace slogan, greeted us at the doorway.


And that proud claim was a big part of why we were there, with friends from Oregon.

Earlier this year, in San Francisco, Kim Sturdavant of Social Kitchen Brewing came up with an idea for a new kind of beer. He brewed a super dry, lightly bitter, delicate hoppy ale he called a Brut IPA.With coverage from Allyssa Pereira among others, the style and techniques began to spread. By mid-summer, a cursory google search showed were articles and videos about how to brew the style in multiple languages.

A few weeks ago, we shot this very short video in Madison, Wisconsin, where at least four Brut IPAs were listed. Two of them were quite delightful. This is one of the brewers who’s defining Brut IPA in his market, despite never having tasted one of the original brews from California.

Recently we had another nice version of a Brut IPA from Drakes’ that is on the market right now, in bottles.  If you like it, this is a good time to pick up some bottles, wrap them carefully and ship them to brewer friends out of state, for sensory explorations.

Or maybe just enjoy all the strange variation out there? We’re in a surreal interlude of style invention based on verbal descriptions instead of taste. This has probably never happened before.

Just for fun or further research, here’s a link for an earlier, more detailed video conversation between brewer Kim Sturdavant and Alyssa Pereira at the SF Brewers Guild.


While there are some weird attempts out there, Brut IPA is fast emerging as a new, refreshing style.

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Your thoughts?

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